Thank you to all this year’s attendees for your attention and diligence in your daily practice of making lives better for B.C.’s ELL students.


As you know, Dr. Hetty Roessingh expressed her willingness to share her slides with us here.  Having had a chance to speak with her more afterwards, I’d like to personally share how much I appreciate her openness and her passion for quality in education.  I learned so much from her today.


You will find her slides here:

EAL Students in High School Classes



Practical Classroom Strategies-for-task-nb-2016

BC TESOL 2016 designing literacy tasks

Dr. Roessingh’s websites she referenced include Dual Language Project and ESL Learning By Design.

We had several gracious presenters offer to share their slides as well.  As those become available, and once our new membership email information is compiled, these resources will be shared with membership.

Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm!

BC TESOL is proud to have presented:

ELL Across the Curriculum

26th Annual Conference for ELL Educators

October 21, 2016

Brentwood Park Elementary School, Burnaby

 Keynote SpeakerDr. Hetty Roessingh, University of Calgary


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 4.21.38 PM


2016 PSA Day Conference: Friday October, 21st  

Theme: ELL Across the Curriculum
Keynote SpeakerDr. Hetty Roessingh, University of Calgary
Location: Brentwood Park Elementary School, Burnaby, BC

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