Catherine Logan Eddy Scholarship Application

Download PDF Copy CLE Scholarship forms 2018

The Catherine Logan Eddy scholarship has been created to honour one of the long-time ESL
educators in British Columbia. Before her retirement, Catherine dedicated more than 25 years
to ESL pedagogy and research, working with both ESL learners and their teachers as mentor,
advocate and scholar.
Purpose: To recognize a student graduating from a BC Secondary School who has combined
hard work with school and community involvement, and who wishes to further her/his
education/training at a tertiary institution in BC.
Amount of Scholarship: $1000.00
Tenure: Any BC post secondary institution/training facility.
 Graduate of a BC high school who wishes to attend a tertiary institution to further her/his
education or training for a specific type of employment;
 Demonstrated consistent improvement in academic competence;
 School or community involvement or service to others; and,
 ESL coursework at the secondary level.
The recipient of this award is expected to commence her/his post-secondary education within
one year of receiving the scholarship. The recipient must also provide the ESL PSA with:
 proof of secondary graduation, and
 proof of acceptance to the chosen post-secondary institution.
Application Deadline: Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018.
Application Process:
1. Complete the Application Form on pages 3 and 4. You may ask a school official to work
with you to help you complete the required information.
2. Obtain transcripts of your marks for Grades 8 to 11, including ESL Courses.
3. Obtain a copy of your marks in Grade 12 so far. Your report cards would work well for
this. Include ESL Courses, if taken.
4. Write a personal essay [word process or type; two pages in length and double spaced.
The essay should be about how going to a post-secondary program will help you to
become a contributing citizen of Canada and BC. Sign and submit the original of your
essay. Have one of your references sign it, also.
5. Obtain three letters of reference regarding your academic and community performance.
Get one or two of these from teachers, administrators or counsellors. Get the third letter
from someone who can talk about your support of and service to others, such as a
coach, sponsor or community program coordinator.
6. Make two photocopies of everything you will be submitting – one original and one copy
go to the BC TESOL and one copy is to keep for yourself.
 Only applications that are complete and submitted on time will be considered.
 Submit only the required documents. Do not submit additional information, photographs,
 Only successful candidates will be notified. No materials will be returned.
Mail completed application package to:
Deborah Gomes, CLE Scholarship Co-Chair
c/o Eric Hamber Secondary School
5025 Willow Street
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 3S1