A Blast from the Past!

Part of news reporting is journalling events – keeping records of where we’ve been and where we are going.  Thanks to the diligent archiving efforts of long-time member and past-president of BC TESOL, formerly the ESL PSA, Sylvia Helmer, we have this gem: our first newsletter from 1989.

Take a look and see how things have changed!  In 1989, the Ministry added an ESL consultant and committees to advise on ELL and ELL curriculum were established.  Read on!

Notes for ESL 1989 and 90


More Recently-Archived Newsletters

Feel free to browse our past newsletters. Aside from the news and events, there are always great teaching ideas and tips included. The most recent edition is sent directly to all members of the PSA and not posted for all to view until after the subsequent newsletter becomes the current one. Should you have recently become a member and did not receive your newsletter, please contact the newsletter editor for your copy.

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