We are excited to announce our new BC TESOL Executive, as a result of the well-attended AGM at the annual BC TESOL Conference.  Thank you to all members who attended as well for your support and interest in the inner workings of your PSA.

Your New Executive

President: Ross Powell

Past President: Marc Tremblay

Vice President: Elizabeth Seitz

Treasurer: Analisa Feuz

Secretary: Debbie Gomes

Newsletter Editor: Cecilia Hansen

Conference Chair: Sandhya Krishna

Members-At-Large: Kristjen Hull

Derek Imai

Janet Mowatt

Diane Tzingounakis

Chris Brown

You can join us!  The BC TESOL Executive consists of BC TESOL members who willingly put in volunteer hours on behalf of ELL students and specialists around our beautiful province. Executive positions are open for election each year.

Open at the next AGM (October 2016):




Roles and Responsibilities of Some of the Executive Positions

The executive meets face-to-face 4 times a year at BCTF with expenses covered, including mileage, lunch, and TOC coverage. We occasionally discuss via email or other means during the year as well.

Come learn more at the AGM, which is open to all members at the annual October conference.  Consider joining this hard-working group in their efforts to support additional language learners and teachers.  We welcome your contributions!


Why would a busy teacher, who already works hard to support learners, join the BC TESOL Executive and give yet more volunteer hours, another slice of their precious time?

Janet Mowatt, Member-at-Large, says:

“Being in contact with other ELL teachers enhances my ability to teach in the classroom.  It keeps me in touch with the different approaches in teaching ELL, in finding out opportunities for my students.  Further, the support I get from being on the BC TESOL executive helps to break down the sense of isolation I feel in working in a large school with a small ELL department.”

Janet speaks of the common situation where ELL teachers are often doing double-duty around the school, split between departments.  ELL departments can sometimes feel fragmented.  The BC TESOL executive appreciates the voice Janet brings to the table, speaking from this familiar situation.

Your 2016 – 2017 BC TESOL Executive

Ross Powell (President)

Ross was a District Helping Teacher in LST with the Surrey School District. He now works as a faculty associate with the SFU PDP program. He has taught for 25 years, mostly in English and ELL at the secondary level.


Marc Tremblay (Past President)

Marc Tremblay has been teaching in West Vancouver for 33 years. He has taught French Immersion grades 3-7 at Ecole Pauline Johnson where once he served as a Vice-Principal. He is specialized in ELL, Gifted Education, and Physical Education. He has taught high and low incidence children as the resource teacher. Currently he teaches at Irwin Park Elementary


Elizabeth Seitz (Vice President)

Elizabeth Seitz is a middle school teacher in Kelowna who loves how much she loves her job. She endeavors to honor all people (and anything living) by treading lightly, encouraging, supporting, and respecting.


Analisa Feuz (Treasurer)

Analisa is a District Helping Teacher in LST with the Surrey School District. Previous to this position she taught at the elementary and secondary levels.


Debbie Gomes (Secretary)

Debbie has been teaching in Vancouver for 17 years and loves the challenges it brings every day. She is department head of ELL at Eric Hamber Secondary and is an International Advisor for the VSB as well.


Cecilia Hansen (Newsletter Editor)

Cecilia Hansen is a new ELL teacher in North Vancouver as well as a TTOC for Vancouver and North Vancouver. Her curiosity for cultures emerged in early childhood after immigrating from the Philippines. She is enthusiastic to work with ELL students.


Sandhya Krishna (Member-at-Large & 2017 Conference Chair)

Namaste! I am an ELL teacher in Burnaby. My passion is to work with newcomers to Canada and their families. I look forward to supporting an increasing number of ELL students in the mainstream classroom using the SIOP model


Kris Hull (Member-at-Large)

Kris is now the co-creator and teacher of the ELL Bridge Program at the Surrey School District ELL Welcome Centre for new immigrants aged 13-19 who come from trauma and refugee backgrounds. The program focuses on basic English skills, community exposure and Canadian culture.


Derek Imai (Member-at-Large)

Derek works in the Learner Support department at James Ardiel Elementary school in Surrey. He is a strong advocate for students and has had a long involvement with the STA and BCTF.


Janet Mowatt (Member-at-Large)

Janet Mowatt teaches ELL and music at Vancouver Technical Secondary School in Vancouver.  Janet is an active member of the Scandinavian community, directing choral groups which celebrate heritage culture through music while integrating with their new Canadian culture.


And new this year!

Chris Brown (Member-at-Large)

Chris is currently the lead teacher and founding faculty at Shawnigan Prep – a small, specialized ELL Prep school located within the campus of Shawnigan Lake Boarding school on Vancouver Island. Chris specializes in educating and preparing age grade international students for the challenges and opportunities of a complete education, including the social, extra-curricular and academic attributes of living in a foreign country. Chris strives to build confidence within young people by improving and maximizing the potential of relationships, school clubs, sports teams, and dinner table talk.


Diane Tzingounakis (Member-at-Large)

I am happy to join the TESOL executive as a member at large this year.  I have been involved in teaching English as a second language for many years.  I began my career in Delta at the secondary level then worked in  Continuing Education  teaching language acquisition classes as well writing and life skills.  I also taught ELL summer school for elementary and secondary students.  I later joined the Surrey School district where I have taught secondary ELL beginners as well as adapted and modified student programs.  Currently, I am an LST teacher at Katzie Elementary where I teach reading support as well as second language instruction.  I was fortunate enough to do a teacher exchange to Australia in 2011-2012 and worked with ESL students transitioning from basic language skills to academic programs.  It was a great cultural experience.

I am looking forward to being a part of the executive this year and helping to promote the needs of ELL learners in our province and contributing to our PSA in various different ways.

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